Psycho Sandbar Leeds: Michael O’Hare Chef 2024

Psycho Sandbar Leeds, a thrilling transformation of Man Behind the Curtain as Michelin Star chef Michael O’Hare unveiled his latest venture: Psycho Sandbar Leeds. This exciting new restaurant replaces the beloved Michelin-starred establishment, The Man Behind The Curtain, offering a fresh concept to captivate diners with its unique blend of flavours and immersive dining experience. In this article, we will delve into the details of Psycho Sandbar, exploring its inspiration, menu, and the driving forces behind this innovative rebranding from Man Behind the Curtain to Psycho Sandbar.

The Evolution of The Man Behind The Curtain

Established in 2014, The Man Behind The Curtain quickly became a culinary icon in Leeds, earning accolades, a Michelin Star, and a loyal following for its theatrical approach to fine dining. Under the visionary guidance of Michael O’Hare, the restaurant pushed boundaries and delighted guests with its avant-garde dishes and imaginative presentations. However, O’Hare recognized the need for change, acknowledging that both he and the world around him had evolved.

Man Behind the Curtain Changes to Psycho Sandbar Leeds 2024

Man Behind the Curtain Changes to Psycho Sandbar

Response to Changing Times

Brexit, the global pandemic, and the cost of living crisis have profoundly impacted the food and beverage industry in the UK. Michael O’Hare, in a heartfelt announcement on social media, explained that these three significant waves of change necessitated a reevaluation of his restaurant’s concept. Psycho Sandbar Leeds emerged as the answer, reflecting a fusion of O’Hare’s evolving culinary preferences and the shifting landscape of the industry.

Psycho Sandbar Leeds: Surf Shack Vibes and Brutalist Design

Psycho Sandbar Leeds transports diners to a world of beachside bliss with its surf shack-inspired ambience. The restaurant’s interior, characterized by a brutalist design aesthetic, aims to create an atmosphere that is relaxed, casual, and inviting. Guests can expect a refreshing departure from the formalities associated with traditional fine dining, immersing themselves in an experience that seamlessly combines laid-back vibes with gastronomic excellence.

Michael O'Hare Chef Psycho Sandbar Leeds Restaurant Fish Window Display

Michael O’Hare Chef Psycho Sandbar Leeds Restaurant Fish Window Display

Reason for Michael O’Hare’s Restaurant Name Change

Michael O’Hare said in late 2023 that the food at his Michelin Star restaurant The Man Behind the Curtain was better than it had ever been but it was bottlenosed or trapped into doing the same thing. He wanted to change The Man Behind the Curtain but by keeping the same name he would probably confuse people as they were operating in a different way. Michael O’Hare wanted to reimagine the whole space. It is still Michael O’Hare’s food and technique but as a restaurant and business and team of chefs, he needed to think: What is Fine Dining? What makes it so fine?

Michael O’Hare thinks that the right direction for him is to provide a full entertainment package (not cabaret or anything like that!) where being there in his restaurant space is an occasion. Hence the creation of the Psycho Sandbar in Leeds!

Psycho Sandbar Leeds: A Fish-Heavy Culinary Adventure

At the heart of Psycho Sandbar’s menu lies a dedication to all things fish. O’Hare’s passion for seafood and his desire to explore its limitless potential is evident in every meticulously crafted dish. Guests can anticipate an array of beautifully grilled fish, each prepared to perfection, showcasing the unique flavours and textures of the ocean’s bounty. From delicate pitta bread adorned with plankton to tantalizing champagne cocktails, the menu promises to delight even the most discerning palates.

Flexibility and Choice

One of the central pillars of Psycho Sandbar’s new approach is the emphasis on flexibility and choice. Departing from the single-tasting menu format of The Man Behind The Curtain, O’Hare seeks to provide diners with a more varied and personalized experience. The revamped menu allows guests to tailor their culinary journey, whether they opt for a selection of small plates or indulge in a sumptuous whole roast duck. This newfound versatility invites diners to curate their adventure, savouring the flavours that resonate most with their individual preferences.

Psycho Sandbar Leeds Menu and Prices (a la carte)

  • Psycho Sandbar Oysters:

Oysters served raw with shaved ice mignonette £4.50

Oysters roasted like a snail in garlic and parsley £6.50

Oysters grilled over Birch wood with a smoked plankton beurre blanc and caviar £16.00

Oysters roasted in French onion soup with a thin slice of Comte £6.50

Oysters poached in shell served cold with Nam Jim £6.00

Psycho Sandbar’s oysters are Perthilly, Carlingford or Lindisfarne depending on their availability

  • Psycho Sandbar Raw Fish Dishes:

Hamachi – raspberry vinegar, aged beef fat £6.50

Raw Lobster -escovitch dressing, ackee sauce £9.50

Scallop – warmed in coral and lardo £8.00

Caviar Donburri – fresh wasabi, virgin soy (Royal Siberian 20g £38.00, seaweed caviar (v) £15.00)

All Psycho Sandbar raw fish is pasteurised at 80 degrees centigrade

  • Psycho Sandbar Kuzu Dumplings

(Gluten free croquettes made from Comte, Gruere and Beaufort)

A5 Beef, smoked eel glaze, mustard £16.00

Tuna belly, Fishermans Friends, blackcurrant, pickled wasabi leaves £16.00

On their own with too much caviar! £38.00

With way too much caviar!! £64.00

Compressed cucumber – chartreuse and dill £12.00

  • Psycho Sandbar Indulgences

Served with any part of the meal – per gramme, minimum 3 grammes

Black truffle £4.00

White truffle £6.00

Oscietra caviar £4.00

  • Psycho Sandbar Small Plates

Denia prawn – cooked in bone marrow and truffle £18.00

Hand-dived scallop -warmed in foie gras fat and gordal olive juice £20.00

Lobster – denatured, cooked lightly over wood with Thai bisque £28.00

Tuna loin – served raw with mussel shaved ice, tomato jelly and sansho pepper £16.00

Hake throats – cooked in a sauce of their swim bladders and Iberico ham £15.00

Tomato tartare – olive juice, vanilla granita £14.00

  • Psycho Sandbar Fish Course

These are more substantial portions, recommended one per person

Turbot – line caught, cooked on the bone over an open fire, lychee and horseradish ketchup, gravy of its bones £36.00

Skate wing basted in marine plankton butter, Croutons and brown shrimp £24.00

John Dory – steamed in kombu, lobster knuckle sauce £29.00

Psycho Sandbars Signature Fish Dish: Emancipation – Cod, potato ink and vinegar. Dashi of cod skin £27.00

Plankton vichyssoise – slow-cooked egg, seaweed caviar (v) £32.00

  • Psycho Sandbar Main Courses

Psycho Sandbar Main Course Single Servings:

Sirloin – Gunma prefecture A4 100 grammes, foie gras, smoked eel, long pepper sauce £68.00

Enoki donburi – tempura rice bowl, fermented strawberry hoisin, pickles and crispy onions (v) £22.00

Psycho Sandbar Main Course for 2-4 Sharing:

Bresse Chicken AOC- poached and roasted, pil pil of chicken skin, ginger and garlic. Chicken fat rice £37.00pp

Thirkleby Duck – salt aged and roasted Cantonese style, crispy leg donburi, fermented strawberry hoisin £34.00pp

  • Psycho Sandbar Desserts

Soufflé – lychee, blackcurrant leaf and Gewürztraminer chocolate sorbet (v) £16.00

Lemon top-lemon curd ice cream, vanilla soft serve, Amalfi lemon shaved ice (v)£13.00

Smoked vanilla soft serve, Oscietra caviar, duck caramel sauce £27.00

Ephemirism – a collaborative dessert with Parisian artist and skater Benoit Bahy £18.00

Psycho Sandbar’s soft serve desserts are made from excess whey from local dairies

Psycho Sandbar prices range from £4.50 for raw oysters served with shaved ice mignonette, to £68 for the sirloin main course – Gunma prefecture A4 with foie gras, smoked eel and long pepper sauce. 

Psycho Sandbar Tasting Menu and Prices

  • Oyster roasted in French onion soup
  • Hamachi, raspberry vinegar, aged beef fat
  • Caviar donburi, fresh wasabi, virgin soy
  • Hand-dived scallop warmed in foie gras fat and Gordial olive juice
  • Hake throats in a sauce of their own swim bladders and Iberico ham
  • Turbot, line court cooked on the bone over an open fire, lychee and horseradish ketchup, gravy of its bones
  • Bresse Chicken AOC- poached and roasted, pil pil of chicken skin, ginger and garlic. Chicken fat rice
  • Beef Gunma prefecture A4, foie gras, smoked eel, long pepper sauce
  • Smoked vanilla soft serve, Oscietra caviar, duck caramel sauce
  • Ephemirism – a collaborative dessert with Parisian artist and skater Benoit Bahy

The Psycho Sandbar Tasting Menu cost is £165.00, add the wine pairing for £95.00, Psycho Sandbar Tasting Menu Prestige pairing £175.00. The above is a sample menu, subject to the chef’s selection. Allow 2 to 3 hours for the Psycho Sandbar Tasting Menu experience and inform the restaurant before booking if you have any dietary restrictions for your party.

A More Accessible Fine Dining Experience

While Psycho Sandbar Leeds retains the refinement and attention to detail synonymous with fine dining, it aims to be more accessible to a wider audience. O’Hare recognizes the importance of making his culinary creations available to a broader demographic, ensuring that the joy of exceptional food is not limited to a select few. By reimagining the concept and presentation of fine dining, Psycho Sandbar strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone can revel in the pleasures of gastronomy.

Psycho Sandbar Leeds has a balance between nonconformity and familiarity with a stark elegance with glamour and grunge.

Michael O’Hare Bids Farewell to Michelin Star

In a bold move, Michael O’Hare has decided to relinquish the Michelin star held by The Man Behind The Curtain. While the accolade played a significant role in the restaurant’s success, O’Hare seeks to reclaim his creative freedom and focus on crafting extraordinary dishes without the pressure of maintaining a prestigious star rating. The decision is a testament to his unwavering commitment to culinary excellence and the pursuit of his personal vision.

The Continuity of Talent and Vision

Though the name and concept may change, the foundation upon which Psycho Sandbar Leeds is built remains steadfast. The same team of talented chefs and staff who contributed to the success of The Man Behind The Curtain continue their culinary journey under the new banner. With their expertise and dedication, they bring O’Hare’s vision to life, ensuring that every guest’s experience at Psycho Sandbar Leeds is nothing short of extraordinary.

A New Era Begins

The final service of The Man Behind The Curtain of December 31st 2023 marks the end of an era unveiling of this exciting culinary destination for 2024 and beyond where gastronomic exploration, relaxed vibes, and impeccable service converge creating a dining experience like no other. See here Michael O’Hare’s interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post in 2023

Embrace the Adventure at Psycho Sandbar Leeds

As Michael O’Hare embarks on this new chapter, he invites food enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and those with an insatiable appetite for culinary innovation to join him at Psycho Sandbar. Prepare to embark on a fish-heavy journey that pays homage to the ocean’s bounty, indulging in dishes that push the boundaries of flavour and presentation. With its surf shack atmosphere, flexible menu, and commitment to accessibility, Psycho Sandbar Leeds promises to be a haven for those seeking a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Psycho Sandbar Leeds Dress Code we believe it’s officially “Jacket Preferred”

– definitely no hats or military clothing. Please be aware that you could be turned away from your reservation if you are not dressed according to the Psycho Sandbar Dress Code.

How much does it cost at Psycho Sandbar Leeds?

For the Psycho Sandbar Leeds new format tasting menu is £165 per person, and there are pre-paid reservations for 1 to 4 people. Allow 2 to 3 hours for this experience and inform the restaurant before booking if you have any dietary restrictions for your party.

Reservations for àla carte parties of 1 to 6 require a deposit of £30 per person.

General reservations at Psycho Sandbar Leeds are for àla carte and vegetarian meals available on àla carte bookings. The tasting menu at Psycho Sandbar Leeds is limited to 12 per service.

Psycho Sandbar Leeds phone number: 0113 243 2376

Where is Psycho Sandbar Leeds?

Psycho Sandbar Address -Lower Ground Floor, Flannels, 68-78 Vicar Lane, Leeds LS1 7JH.

Psycho Sandbar’s location is in Leeds city centre’s premium brand Victoria shopping area, at the Flannels store.

Psycho Sandbar Summary: A New Era of Culinary Exploration

Psycho Sandbar Leeds is poised to revolutionize Leeds’ dining scene, captivating food enthusiasts with its fish-heavy menu, surf shack vibes, and dedication to accessibility. Michael O’Hare’s visionary approach to gastronomy, combined with the talent and passion of his team, promises you an unparalleled dining experience. As the Man Behind The Curtain transforms into Psycho Sandbar Leeds, prepare to embark on a remarkable journey of flavours, where culinary boundaries are shattered, and new heights of dining pleasure are reached.

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